Audio problem in Vista

@xitami (58)
May 9, 2007 12:21pm CST
I spent some times on playing online games in vista -- mainly due to someone claim that they cannot play the game in vista. installation went smooth...............except the installer take five minutes to start. when i start the game. it prompts " it cannot contact the patch server because server is busy." have checked the server and see fast response time, and there is not major update so the ftp server in unlikely to be busy. then i remember the issue about programs canot access " pormgram files" folder, so i set the link with something like " requires administrator right", and the updater started to download the patches. then the game starts okay. but after playing i while i encounter some problem. -----here is the problem.------------------------- the game starts with audio function normally. Then i open a web page that happens to be " flash only". I have not installed the plug in, so I intalled the "flash player 9 Activex plug in". When I enter the page, the page loads music which is very load, so i use the " master volume panel" located at lower rightcorner to reduce the volume level. after changing it, i found the game cannot produce sound, while every other programs can still paly sound correctly. I 've checked to see the game's individual volume is not muted, and the sound level is set to the same as master volume. closed the game and restart it, and the problem gone. since i think it is unlikely people will report, i decided to post it here to see if any have the same problem before. the game called " mabinogi" produced by Korean devcat", licensed to Taiwan game company "gamnaia" the sound card i use is on board " soundmax" audio. thanks
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@jeseravi (338)
5 Apr 08
I have the 'newer' version, and I tried mabinogi... I'm not getting any problems...