simple things in life that makes you smile...

May 9, 2007 4:28pm CST
what in an ordinary day in your life, or an everyday thing that always draw a warm heart felt smile on your face...for me, cold water, very simple but the satisfaction i get and the fullness it brings always makes me smile.
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• Hong Kong
10 May 07
For me, it would a dry and sunny day. It usually gets me smiling when I wake up and look out of the window and see the sun coming out, shining its warmth on the earth. It has to be dry and can't be humid, because otherwise I would go "YUCK" (we have really bad humidity around here). It's very simple too, and I really appreciate mother nature to give us a sunny and fun day!
@r0131n (357)
9 May 07
Every morning during breakfast time before going to work, I normally listen to the radio. They announce the news then they get kids calling in telling jokes. This always makes me smile in the morning. Its a good way to start the day.