Do u obey traffic signal rules honestly?????

@musu112 (528)
United States
May 9, 2007 6:49pm CST
Traffic Rules are made for the safety reasons, providing safe drive to all of us while diving road. Now, just be honest and say do u obey the traffic rules at the fullest or sometimes u had ignored them? Have anybody faced any traffic violation part? Lets be honest and share our experiences here on myLot:-)
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• Brazil
13 May 07
i think which everybody sometimes break any rule cause sometimes we got exeptions
@hitesh23 (233)
• Hong Kong
10 May 07
I will speak from a pedestrians' perspective as I don't yet own a car. I usually follow the traffic rules and wait for the signal to turn green before I move on. Sometimes however, if I am getting late to reach someplace then I would also jade walk or run on a red light if I don't see any vehicles approaching.
@yndesai (159)
• United Arab Emirates
10 May 07
In India people grumbles when you obey the traffic rules in absense of police. While I prefer to obey them as its saffer o drive that way.