Violence Must Be Stopped

October 22, 2006 3:57am CST
As the world is improving as well as going to the pinacle of technological improvements, violence is also increasing at the same ratio or even at faster rate than that. This is simply because the people are using the advanced growing technology as the arm of spreading violence. Starting from the small revolver to the dangerously devastating nuclear bomb, people are using these weapons for their own self, but ultimately, above all these are being used for violence. So, to stop this we must be aware about the real value of "peace" and must stop using these "high-profile" technological weapons in case of taking any violent activities. I, hereby, invite all the myLot members to take part in this discussion and be aware about the fact that the technology should be stopped in case of spreading violence by using hi-fi weapons.
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@cyberfluf (5005)
• Netherlands
22 Oct 06
You are absolutely right, we must realize the danger that's out there if these weapons fall into wrong hands. Technology is supposed to help people improve their life or to make it easier, but this way technology only helps spreading violence and terror around the globe. It was never supposed to be used for that cause. We should start using technology as it originally was meant: to improve our lifes and not take the lifes of others. We simply haven't the right!
• Janesville, Wisconsin
26 Apr 07
It seems a technology advances, the more do our toys, and it seems all our toys are centered around murder and violance.. Why isn't there any games where you heal as many sick people as you can, or are comfronted with problem solving to avoid a fight.. I bet such a game would help people deal better with real word conflicts.. Not saying to ban all weapons or war games, but when people want to possess or have a weapon, the Respect of the proper use of the weapon needs to be emphasized, I however feel all Weapons of Mass destruction should be banned... There are better ways to handle most of these conflicts other than war... - DNatureofDTrain