how many value things have you done everyday?

May 9, 2007 10:08pm CST
every day is a new day for everyone ,there are many things we have to do everyday,but how many value things have you done?everyday,i feel busy,do my works,surf on the internet, think about something,and when i go home ,i have to cook for my stomach.but when i calm down to review the whole things i i have done today,i don`t know what progress have i made?i want to study english very well,i want to learn Japanese well,but there`s no enough time to study,when i stay in room,i want to watch TV for some news,i want to get on the internet ,then the time for sleeping is up.i have`t any progress for my plan about learning english and japanese.
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@liyan97 (2128)
• Northern Mariana Islands
13 May 07
I am sure you are making progress! with patience and perrsistance you can accomplish anything you set out to do! So don't worry too much....Mylot is a good place to help you learn english, so hang in there and GOOD LUCK!