detroit pistons will win at game 6

May 9, 2007 10:27pm CST
Detroit will possibly beat the bulls despite the bulls swept the Heats.. (1)Pistons definitely has the experience. They were champions before lead by Billups and whose leading them again this season! (2) With C-Webb on their lineup though Wallace was traded to the Bulls, still they have the advantage based on their skills and experience with the help of their teammates who contributed before like Prince, R. Wallace, Hunter, Mcdyess and Billups.
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• Philippines
11 May 07
hmmm just some correction about your topic, Ben Wallace was not traded to Bulls. Wallace is a free agent and agrees to sign under the bulls because bulls offers more buck than the Detriot.. im a Piston fan and please dont give any wrong informations. Thanks... by the way the Pistons will definitely beat the Bulls.. they are young and just like you said, they lack experience.
• Philippines
4 Jun 07
Sorry for the wrong info about Big Ben, it was just i was so disappointed to Ben but i respected his decision to join with the Bulls though.. Thanks anyway for the comment.. Im a Piston fan too actually.... But unfortunately, the Pistons lost to Cavs so we`ll just have to wait for the next season and definitely the Pistons will eventually make their way to the finals, again...
@MagusX (1099)
• Brazil
25 Jun 07
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@lightningMD (5932)
• United States
11 May 07
looks like the Pistons will win in game 4. They are looking awesome. Ben Wallace wasnt traded. He chose to sign with the Bulls for more money. It's too bad since he hasnt had the great year there as he had with the Pistons. Maybe he should have stayed where he was. Money isnt everything.