Signs you have been watching Naruto too much.

May 9, 2007 10:37pm CST
Anyway, the idea is to post symptoms of 'Naruto overdose,' I'll give some examples below. Hopefully this will get as interesting and funny as it does with all other 'signs you have been' topics on other fora. 1. You order Ramen at your local diner. 2. You don't feel like going to school/work, when your mother/wife looks for you, she catches you frantically trying to 'Kage Bunshin' in front of the mirror. 3. You ask for Kakashi's 'Go Go Paradise' in a bookshop, you end up with a traveling guide to the Caribbeans. I probably have symptoms. I have watched from ep.36 to the current ep.190 in two weeks. And from ep.38 to ep.190 are in japanese with subtitles. I have probably read like 6 books worth of Naruto subtitles. hmm....I've started saying random japanese words at college in the last few days such as Origato, baka, dattebayo, hai (yes) and iie (no) and sometimes I try to focus chakra and create a rasengan but no luck and here are the other symptoms: I eat ramen all the time now thanks to Naruto, its become my favourite Dish. I even learnt how to cook it at home (Well, my mum did, but I'm learning) 4. You think about killing your entire family just to test your abilities. 5. You tell everyone that one day, you will become President! 6. You watch Naruto RAW even though you have no idea whats happening, just to enjoy the Naruto goodness... 7. You try to climb up a tree with your feet. 8. You add Dattebayo to the ends of your sentences to sound cool... only to find you're being punched by your mates. 9. You STILL say Dattebayo at the ends of your sentences regardless. 10. Whenever your stomach rumbles, you think its the Demon Fox trying to get out.
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@prenuer (278)
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16 May 07
haha. this is so funny because it is true. how about going down the street shouting RASENGAN! and CHIDORI! and having people look at you funny? or having conversations with other naruto nuts and having others look at you like you are speaking a foreign language? and let us not forget the withdrawal symptoms if you go to long without watching a naruto episode. lol. p.s. how do you make the ramen?
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