May 10, 2007 4:00am CST
i wish there will be more madonna and angelina jolie out there who would extend their heart and kindness to adopting less fortunate children who needs proper home and care.
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@lucgeta (925)
• France
10 May 07
you're right but will they have a proper home? you know how long this artists marriage last those days ... brad pitt met angelina jolie in a movie set and left jennifer anniston behind, hope they are true in love and stick to each other of course, children of big stars don't usually cause trouble or have ugly lives so it might be positive in the end
• Philippines
11 May 07
i agree with your but i didn't mean it as from movie stars only. i'm talking about wealthy people in general or those who could afford it. at any rate even if they separate i think angelina jolie has this natural goodness in her so even if probably she and brad won't last the children would still have a good future with jolie.
@Gorgeous24 (1091)
• United States
13 May 07
I agree..I dont plan to have any more children biologically but I would love to adopt acouple of kids. There are so many kids that would love to just have a good loving home with parents who love them. Im so excited because this is something I am really passionate about. I often get asked from people if I was to adopt would I love them as much as I love my biological daughter...I dont feel like I would love my adopted kids any less than my biological are miracles from God and I would be more than happy to have as many as I could.
@maximax8 (29034)
• United Kingdom
13 May 07
I agree with you. Children's lives can be changed for the better by adopting them. The little boy Madonna adopted from Malawi will have a very different life than poverty in Africa. I think it is nice for a child that has been adopted internationally to grow up with some understanding of their country of birth. If a child comes from china they can grow up visiting chinese restuarants. I wnt to China Town in San Francisco. This must be a wonderful place to take a child that was born in China. When I began teaching it was in a catholic school. One little boy was being fosted then adopted. His older brother had lost all his hair though the upset in their life already. The adoptive parents told me he had tried to burn to their house down. They said if was not for the lovely younger sister they would dispair.
@mkmsam531 (269)
• Philippines
13 May 07
that's very true. At least there is one or more kids who would be given a home. Now, somebody can provide for the children's needs. i admire madonna and Angelina jolie for adopting less fortunate children. those kids are indeed lucky to be given more opportunites in their lives and a chance for those kids to reach their dreams.