How great is your mom?

May 10, 2007 9:28am CST
My mom is the most understanding mother in the world. She is very hardworking and she raised the three of us and now we're all professionals. People love and respect her and look up to her as a person and as a good business woman. When she was young though shes not the eldest, she didnt go to college because she handled my grandy's business so she could send her siblings to college. Until she became a successful business woman when she married my father and still she never stops helping. My dad was a headache but then she sacrificed herself for the sake of her children. From work, when she gets home she still does housework and take care of our needs. When i was in third year college, she wakes up at 2am and prepare things for me and gave me a glass of milk and we wait for the bus outside our house at 3am for my 3hour travel. And now that im facing the most difficult time of my life, she never gets tired to listen with all of my stories and she supports me of everything.
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