Enslave by someone... you cannot fight against??

May 10, 2007 10:45am CST
People don't listen what do u say... You are assumed small and low... You are assumed no use.... Your voice are disregarded.... You are move like a toy... Be in fact according to me is very hearting matter. We are like a toy.. We doesn't like a human, who have a brain... How accordong to you?
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• India
11 May 07
If you are being treated like that then you must end that relationship. I know you are human and god bless.
• Indonesia
12 May 07
Thankx.. but i think i feel everybody near me always debase me.. i don't know why..! I try to do the best... but i think they called me no use.. hahhaha.... what should you do if you are me?
• India
12 May 07
I stay away from people who think they are superior to me and do not allow anybody to 'debase' me. Whether it is family or friends, I walk away from a relationship if it is abusive in any way. You have to be proud of what you are and NEVER be affected by other peoples opinion.