love, need to feel!

@fdwjay (340)
May 10, 2007 10:46am CST
I became his girlfriend that year, now, seven years are pasted, we said I love you hardly, I am sad and tire--------maybe, our emotions is more and more thinner. But I changed my idea by those small things, that night my boyfriend made for supper as everyday, but we found that the rice was exhausted, oh, how to do, he was cooking so could not go to buy immediately, only I went, he said:” I will go to buy after I finished the cooking, baby”, but I am too hungry, so I would do it, when I opened the door and would go, he said: ”baby, buy a little rice, only for today supper, do not buy much”, ”why?” I am troublesome, “too heavy!” he said, I could not say a word, then I remember that he did not let me buy rice and same stuff once, though we have live together for three years. Suddenly I felt our love is more and more thicker actually, although do not say “I love you ” always, but we think and do for each more, I think it is more important than saying love, so we should felt love by our heart, then we will be happy.
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