Generic Infant Formula

United States
May 10, 2007 11:11am CST
How many of you have used a Generic Infant Formula(store brand)for your baby? Did you like it? My son drank pumped breastmilk for his first 3 months of life and then he was switched to Similac Advance because of Wic. He continued with Similac until about 8 months old and then I was denied WIC and in a huge financial bind so I tried Walmart's Parents Choice brand and I love it. It costs almost half the price of Similac but it has almost the same nutritional value. It had the EXACT SAME ingrediants as Enfamil Lipil. He continued with generic formula until 14 months old and he is now on whole milk.
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@Blazing15 (333)
• United States
10 May 07
I used enfamil lipil at first and then i found a generic brand at sam's club that was the same exact ingredients as enfamil lipil and a whole lot cheaper. For a 50.4 oz can of formula we were paying 19.38. Not bad at all considering the little cans are 12 dollars and something and he has had no problems with it at all.
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