Business is not for everyone!

@Mirita (2668)
United States
May 10, 2007 11:42am CST
Why is it that so many people fail in Business? I think is because not everyone has an entrepreneur spirit. What do you guys think?
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11 Nov 07
Number one reason for businesses to fail is under financed. Yes, it is important to be a true entrepreneur. You need to be willing to work odd hours, and all hours. Like a machine, you will actively pursue your work no matter how many hours you have put in. It would be nice to be successful and make hundreds of thousands of dollars, but even most successful entrepreneurs may not make more than minimum wage when you consider all the hours and work they put in. However, finance is what will really kill you. With good financing you can lessen the work load by hiring other people. You also need to cover the period of time where there is no cash flow or when there is no income. Just because a business fails does not mean that the person is not a good entrepreneur. When a business fails, a true entrepreneur will find another way.
@Mirita (2668)
• United States
12 Nov 07
Yes, good financing is essential for any type of business and is true that when a business fails a true entrepeneur will find another way to be successful.
@glassy1 (63)
9 Nov 07
I agree with you. However there are so many more additional reasons. Wrong type of business for area. Bad business structure. Not enough financial backing. Lack of relevant knowledge. ETC ETC ETC
@Mirita (2668)
• United States
10 Nov 07
Yes, most people get in the wrong type of business ,or sometimes they have a wonderful business structure ,but they lack funding. Also, knowledge is essential to start any type of business.