May 10, 2007 11:56am CST
what would be the conclusion by the author in her last book? come on try
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• India
11 Jun 07
One thing is sure.... The dark lord will definitely die... n JKR told that the last chapter consists of the details about what happens to the remaining characters n their future n the last word is scar... I have a strong feeling that harry will survive after the final battle...I don't know why... But some how i got a feeling that Jo wont hill Harry...
@Shaun72 (15968)
• Palatka, Florida
12 May 07
I'm not sure but I hope that Harry will be alright from what I have read from the V.C. Andrews website one of the main 3 charcters is going to die. So that worries me. i like all 3.
• United States
11 May 07
i think voldermort will die in harry will victorious but im hoping that she leaves it open 4 more books to come life after hogwarts so to speak i know i want to know what happens to the gang after they leave shool and are all grown up
• United States
11 May 07
I don't know, but I am not sure who is more excited. Me, my 18 year old sister, or 10 year old kid. :) I would love to see that Dumbledore was not actually killed. I have a horrible feeling she is gonna kill of one of the main three. That will be horrible. I will be glad it is the last book if that is the case.
• United States
10 May 07
I dunno what it's going to be, but I can't wait to find out. I think that Ms. Rowling is going to take the character on a crazy ride in the last book, but then really give us an ending that both closes the stories from the series but also gives us an open-ended way to look at the future. As far as Harry dying, I could see it happening, I guess... but I don't know if they would actually do it. I mean, I guess we could go through them all until we got to "Harry Potter and the Mid-Life Crisis" or something like that... What I would like to see is an ending that puts Harry at peace with his past and gets him looking into his future. Who cares about a 100% good or 100% bad ending, I just want to see it end and for him to move forward. I think that would serve the story and the book well.