Buko Pandan... you should try this awesome dessert

Buko Pandan - Buko Pandan... you should try this awesome dessert
May 10, 2007 12:21pm CST
This is a very famous Filipino Dessert often present in parties and holidays. It's as great as a Fruit Salad yet cheaper. BUKO PANDAN Buko (young coconut meat) and pandan flavored jell-o mixed with cream and milk. Ingredients: 3 boxes Alsa green unflavored gulaman (jell-o) 2-3 pandan leaves 3/4 can condensed milk 1 medium bottle green nata de coco (may use pandan flavorored nata de coco) 4 tetra packs all-purpose cream about 4 pieces buko(young coconut) – shredded meat Directions: 1. Boil gelatin with pandan leaves based on the instructions in the box. 2. Remove pandan leaves-be careful as may get too bitter if leaves left in too long. 3. Pour into molds (I use rectangular pyrex dishes) and cut into cubes when firm. Drain nata de coco very well so mixture will not get watery. Whip cream to increase volume. 4. Mix gelatin squares, drained nata de coco, whipped cream, shredded buko and condensed milk. 5. Chill and serve.
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