Migraines after having a baby

United States
May 10, 2007 3:40pm CST
I recently had a baby (in January) and everything was great for a couple of weeks (after I delivered my baby). All of a sudden my head felt like it was going to explode and I vomited like crazy. My husband rushed me to the hospital and test were done (spinal tap, cat scan, etc.) Everything was fine. It happened again a couple days later. I have had consistent headaches for a couple of months and it feel like a nerve is pinched in my head. I know that you can have a reaction to an epideral but my headahces started happening to long after having my baby was born so doctors ruled that out very quickly. Has anyone else had problems like this?
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@hotbiatch (276)
• Philippines
31 May 07
the cause of your migraine might be the hormonal imbalance in post pregnancy. I had the same experience and it's normal but if it persists. you have it checked by the doctor
@squaretile (3833)
• Singapore
28 May 07
I'm not sure whether this is similar to your situation. I had a friend who told me she LOVED being pregnant because her migranes would then stop. Whenever she was not pregnant, she would always get these regular mind-splitting headaches. So whilst other people would always ask her how she was doing in her pregnancy, how she was feeling, was it very bad? She would beam and say ' I feel great! so much better than when I'm not pregnant'. that just totally goes against the usual experiences of pregnant women who feel uncomfortable and sometimes grumpy. Perhaps yours is a reaction to a certain trigger. Like caffine or something. Take care of yourself!