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United States
May 10, 2007 6:19pm CST
Do you think that parents that don't try to make it to their childs activity is less of a parent because of it? I didn't say parent that CAN'T go I said parents that don't make the effort to support their child?
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6 Sep 07
I seriously can't imagine why a parent wouldn't WANT to go to an activity involving their child. It is important to tell your child "good job" or "way to go" and showing up is just another way of expressing that. What good is it to not show up to the event because you wanted to sit at home and watch TV...and then say good job after
@Nnennaya (28)
• Nigeria
18 Jun 07
Anybody worth that name parent must make the effort to be at the child's events. What are you a parent for if you are not willing to be there for the child when he or she needs you most. The day I went late for my daughter's visiting day, she was in tears thinking that I would not come at all. But her face beamed with smiles when I finally turned up. She proudly shouted to her friends, "My mum is here too".
@Foxxee (3653)
• United States
10 May 07
I don't think it makes them any less of a parent, but I do feel that it's a good thing for parents to attend in any activitie with their kids. If both parents can't make it, then that is really sad. I think at least one parent should make an effort. You would think at least one of the two would be able to attend some way. Even if the parent is a single parent and the other parent isn't involved, there really isn't an excuse, I think even a single parent can make an effort. My sister is a sing;e parent of two girls and she works hard and is a busy person, but she always has time for all the activities. As for me and my husband, we always attend together and if for some reason I can't, he will go and vice versa.