Everclear Concert!

Art and I - Last night at the concert
@breepeace (3027)
May 10, 2007 7:14pm CST
Last night was a night I have been waiting for, for 12 years. A month ago, I was flipping through the entertainment section of the Edmonton Sun when right near the bottom of the page I saw a 5 line blurb on Everclear’s date to play at the bar Cowboys here in Edmonton on May 9th. I freaked out, called my boyfriend and bought tickets at Ticketmaster as soon as I got off work. It’s May 10th, the show was last night. I am on Cloud 9. My old friend, Karrlee from high school, who happens to live in Leduc right near Edmonton, decided to come with me so I didn’t have to go solo. I got there at 6:30, a full half hour before door opened and still had to contend with 20 people ahead of me. She showed up shortly after. We grabbed a drink, checked out the merchandise (the opening bands were Mariana’s Trench and Tupelo Honey), bought a few things and then headed in to find a spot. Karrlee and I got a spot to the left of the stage in the bar, right by soundboard and entrance to the stage. All the bands would literally have to walk within 2 feet of us to get onstage. Mariana’s Trench played first, put on a pretty good show, although you could tell the front-man is in-experienced because he just stooped to swearing a lot when he wasn’t singing. I went for a smoke when they were doing the set change for Tupelo Honey, and watched the first part of their set, but knew they wouldn’t play ‘Why I Bother’ (admittedly the only song of theirs I really like) until the very end so I went for another smoke break. I came back, they sprang into Why I Bother, and just then I glanced beside me. I saw the back of a body that looked familiar with a head of short cropped bleached blonde hair that I KNEW I recognized standing just to the left of me. He turned to talk to someone and I started hyperventilating, turned to Karrlee and said, “That’s HIM”. She looked at him, nodded her approval and said, “He’s Hot”. I felt weak in the knees. I have been carrying around an issue of Guitar World Acoustic that I bought in September of 2000, and a sharpie I snagged from work in my purse in anticipation of this very moment, so I stepped forward, tapped him on the shoulder and said, “Art, would you sign this?”. He looked at it, looked at me in confusion, and I pointed at the date on the inside cover, Fall 2000. He looked back at me and asked, “Did you buy that when it came out?”, I nodded and he smiled, took my sharpie and signed the cover. A minute later I was smiling and realized I hadn’t asked for a picture, so I grabbed my camera, stepped forward again, apologized for bothering him and asked if I could get a picture with him. He looked at the stage, back at me and said, “Not right now, honey, maybe a little later”. I went out for a smoke after that – I needed it. When I came back in, they were doing set change and Art was posing for a picture with the couple that I’d be chatting to for most of the night (he was a huge fan, as well). I leaned against the wall just watching the man I’d sworn to marry 9 years ago, and 30 seconds later he was walking up to me, put his hand on my shoulder and said, “Did you want to get that picture now?”. I can die happy now. PS. They played an awesome set, including a lot of old numbers. The crowd loved them, and even drowned them out during the chorus of Santa Monica. They played a cover of Tommy Tutone’s 867-5309 for their second encore song, and pulled a whole bunch of girls on stage with them. I got waved up, but since I was already teetering in my 3 inch spike heel and my 'dogs' were already barking for mercy, I stayed on my stool. He apologized for not coming to Edmonton in 6 years.. they’ll be back next year!
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