I just wanna say.

May 10, 2007 7:45pm CST
i just wanna say that im gonna be leaving mylot and the internet world for quite a time maybe, my heart is badly wounded, and i just dont want to be reminded of the reason and place where iv met the guy whom i was and still in love with, the feelings are still raw. its not about him, its about me... wish me well guys and i'll be healed...
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• Malaysia
11 May 07
aww..so sorry to hear that. i hope you'll be ok soon..cheer up k? have faith and hope..you'll make it thru. be strong!
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• Philippines
23 May 07
yes, as always, after we deal with a broken heart fairly and squarely, we will feel the searing pain soon after. to have a break and be with friends who will listen and give us comforting words and sound advices, we will be through and done with the pain soon after. a good vacation to be spent with the family will also refresh us and renew us even much faster. so take that needed break, girl, and be back soon and fast. we will be waiting for you and we want to hear you say that you have hurdled this one problem you now have.
• Philippines
23 May 07
yes, deliciouslyjuicy, i bleed for you. i know how much it hurts. take your time out and heal the wounds. have a good and healing vacation. breaks from the routine that make you happy will do the magical healing. may you come out of the hurt soon enough, stronger and more determined. good luck in your endeavor. may success be on your side always.
@yanjiaren (9050)
20 May 07
Well I am glad to see you here today on Mylot as you responded to one of my discussions. I hope the raw feeling in your heart can be healed and I will say a prayer for you. I feel a different kind of heartache, living separately from my son and husband all in different places due to lack of funds. So I hope one day we can be a proper family. I hope that your life can get better and please stay with us, if we can be of any use that is. Hugs from the mad Greek here..
@innechen (1321)
• Indonesia
11 May 07
sad ti see one of mylotians leaving, but if its for your own good then i wish you feel better soon.if i'm allow to give input, is that when you hurt by someone u love, then dont try to forget him/her, the best is try to let him/her go and face everything that might could remind u of him/her to train urself to be strong.i know its not easy but its works for me