Count 1, 2, 3........ and avoid daily marriage FIGHTS.

May 11, 2007 8:18am CST
Every married couple tastes fights on small issues on daily basis.These are the fights that ultimately lead to even breakups.And after breakup when either party looks at the petty reasons on which they have been fighting,they can only regret.I have found out a funny way of nipping these small little fights right in the bud. suppose you are a married couple right in the middle of a fight. Now everybody knows that these fights only have a lot of sarcastic personal attacks(that actually dont mean anything)and nothing else. If you are a partner and you are being thrown at every kind of insulting remarks, JUST DONT RESPOND, REPEAT, DONT RESPOND. Just count any number(1,2,3......)very loudly on EVERY new attack. I bet you wont have to count beyond ten at the most and the situation would already be difused. TRY YOUR LUCK ON THIS and let me know.
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• India
11 May 07
Sorry I can't agree with you.What you call 'small issues' are something like 'moquito bites'.how long can we put up with all these things. 1. You want to sleep early in the night and get up early and your partner want to sleep late and get up late? 2.Suppose you want to have a clean house and your partner keep messy?Like always keep the comb with hair! 3.If there are different openions in spending week ends? 4.Keep passing comments in cooking. 5.Young children will also get upset if the parents impose different things on them.We can have thousands of minor issues. If one partner keep on bearig the other one, she or he is losing his or her ambitions or if it is a minor issue it is like an itch and how long one can take it? So best is discuss the day to day problems and try to adjust with each others.
@kaka135 (14130)
• Malaysia
11 May 07
Yeah, I agree with you. I have tried this when I first went out with my boyfriend. We used to argue over very minor issues, sometimes I couldn't even remember what they were about after the incidents. Actually I hate quarreling, thus I always thought of some ways to stop this. I realized counting 1,2,3... is actually cooling down yourself, before you start "shooting". Sometimes, you will just simply say some words that hurt a lot without even realizing it when you are angry. So, don't talk when you are angry. Take a deep breath, count 1 to 10, or try to do something else, before you come back to the argument. Sometimes, arguments can be good, that you two can share different opinions. But, quarreling is not good, as you may hurt each other deeply and later you will regret. I just told myself one thing, think before I do, and think if I'll be regret of doing this. There's no 'take 2' in our lives, so we have to think consciously before doing something.