Dinner time together?

October 22, 2006 6:59am CST
Do your family still have a dinnertime together? How lovely...
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@Anne18 (11036)
13 May 08
Yes we still have a dinnertime together. I think it is very important to have meals together, not everynight as its not always possible, but on certains nights (like the gravey advert). When the children were small and they al wanted to talk at the same time we had a little toy dog that sat on the table and the only child who could talk was if the dog was in front of them. When the child had finished questions were allowed and then the dog moved onto the next child. Having dinner together gives you chance to chat, ask about the day etc. We also have breakfast togrther as a family but that is only at weekends.
@JiWuJun (585)
• China
22 Oct 06
• Indonesia
22 Oct 06
Would you share something about the dinnertime? Thanks.
@excellence7 (3477)
• Mauritius
21 May 08
Family dinner is not a mere dinner, but it enfolds in itself the precious moment whereby a family, parents and siblings are together..
• Norway
20 May 08
when we were together, we always eat dinner together. actually, not just dinner but every meal time (because in the philippines, we eat breakfast and lunch like how and what we eat during dinnertime). My father has taught us to wait for everybody before start eating meal, unless, someone would really be very late in going home or someone is on travel, but if everybody is expected to be home, we should be complete before start eating meal.