Is God ~Male Or Female??

May 11, 2007 4:35pm CST
well most of us believe in a supernatural power which blesses us~GOD...but 1 question haunts my mind ..Is God Man or woman ???what do u think ???
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• United States
12 May 07
Even though it is easy to refer to God as 'he' I don't believe an all powerful being would have a gender. Since gender is a physical trait and God isn't a physical being, 'he' wouldn't be limited by such a thing.
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@vijigopi (991)
• United States
12 May 07
God is a supernatural power.... power has no gender... it is just for the sake of giving God a gender we say "Him" because "It" would only be used for some non-living thing. I think God can manifest as human, male or female or just a genderless being, however man wants to regard him as.
• Philippines
11 May 07
I think that God has been put into a box too often. I believe God is beyond comprehension, someone beyond our understanding. I don't see why other people was able to determine that God even had gender! I think God is neither male or female. If God has a gender then you might as well think that there's not only one God but there are others - other Gods with different genders. If there is only one God then there's no use to differentiate - God needs not to be male or female because there isn't any point at all.
@opinione (749)
• Italy
11 May 07
I remember the unforgettable teachings of His Sanctity Pope John Paulus I, who said that God is at the same time mother and father. It is a fact of faith and our reason can just perceive the Love of a mother and a father coming from our God. God is Love said His Sanctity Pope Benedictus XVI in his first encyclica letter on Charity.