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United States
May 11, 2007 7:40pm CST
So, what did you guys think about Spiderman 3? I liked it alot.. I cant wait for the next one. I heard that there were already 3 other spiderman movies going to be made and I already cant wait....
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@oldiebut (859)
• Canada
12 May 07
The next Spiderman movie is still very much up in the air, although the huge success of 3 pretty much guarantees it will be made. By who and with who are going to be very big questions. Singer has made it clear he wants a break, Toby McGuire has said nothing about returning and Kirsten Dunst has said she will return only if Singer and McGuire does. I personally wouldn't mind a new crew taking over. I actually found Siderman 3 to be ok, but not the memorable movie that 2 was. Too many villains diluted the story too much and there were too many things that didn't match up with the character (Spidey gets the key to the city? I don't think so! And what was the point of having Gwen Stacy in there?). So it might be interesting to see a fresh look. Regardless of who's wearing the suit, I'm going to see the movie.
• United States
12 May 07
Very nice put, I agree with you, but I think spiderman should of gotten the key to the city...he pretty much owns it anyway... The Gwen part was funny when Peter stole Eddie's Girl... I was lmao... But the thing about whoever is wearing the suit bugs me, Spiderman just wont feel right without Toby..Its like, I dont know man but Toby is like my idol, even if spiderman is fake and all..It would be awesome to have a picture of him doing a websling pose...:D ... but I hope Toby is in Spiderman 4 because im looking forward to that.