I think I have figured something out.....

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May 11, 2007 11:09pm CST
I am beginning to believe that suicide bombers just don't understand what the results of their actions would mean to them personally...on aa really gut level. Ipropse a Betty Ford clinic for would be suicide bombers. At the clinic they couls see pictures of what THEIR body would look like after the explosion. They'd realize that even the most faithful virgin of paradise would want some guy that looked like that.
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12 May 07
Good idea but I dont think you would find the quivalent fo a Betty Ford clinic in these Muslin countries.
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12 May 07
Then opportunity knocks for some savvy, and brave entrepreneur!
20 Jun 07
They do it for money. I don't think they care about there actions, because I'm sure they're aware of what happens. geez these guys go into training and some witness others doing it :| ~Joey