Whom should I love for the rest of my life?

May 12, 2007 12:08am CST
My life for the past three years, was really intriguing for me. Here's my story: I love my wife, as well as I respected much her family too. But there is this woman, whom happened to be my friend, that's puzzle much myself to the extend that I love her also. I can imagine, if ever she came first into my life prior to my wife, she will be also my Dear Love. Also, I did think to myself that if only circumstances would allow, I will be a very happy life if she was with me. From time to time I met her, and I knew she love me also but she can't just say that because I'm already married. Well, at the end of the day, I should have to ask myself, a very intriguing question, whom should I love for the rest of my life? Well, to everybody out there in mylot community, I do need your advice, about myself, I understand, its a matter of Love, Happiness, and Life. Do I have to sacrifice one of them, in order to fulfill the Life I supposed to have?
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@thai11 (239)
• United States
12 May 07
Sounds like a hard spot to be in..How could you allow yourself to fall in love with another woman after you married? You need to follow your heart and make a decision because now you are hurting everyone in your love triangle. You are not being fair to your wife and she deserves ALL of your love since you took those vows but if your heart has strayed, then let your wife go so she can find the man who will love her and only her! The other woman is hurting because she loves a married man and she must know you care for her too. You need to be with the one you can love and love only her, if you can't love one woman, maybe you don't need to be serious with anyone-
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• Nigeria
12 May 07
i think you are the one confusing yourself on this issue. Why would you want to leave you legally married wife for your friend? I would also blame your friend who having realized the fact that you are married ought to have left you alone and stop building up your emotions. I bet you are okay with you wife or why did you marry her in the first instant? i believe you should get your acts together and stick with your legally married wife
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