Understanding Guys who dont like to give flower?

@Abbyey (760)
May 12, 2007 12:33am CST
You know before when i was young i love flowers, i love to look at them. I love to pick them. I always wanted to receive flowers. When i met my honey he never gave me flowers, at first i didnt understand why. He always give me things that i can use which i also love, he gave me my music stand, violin strings, rosin, bridge, expensive perfumes, jacket and more. But never flowers, i asked him then why dont he like to give flowers. He said, YES its true that flowers are nice. They are beautiful. They are attractive. But he said likewise They really dont smell good (not all), they are common, and most specially they wither (die) after a few days. He said LOVE is not like that, LOVE is not beautiful only for a period of time. LOVE always smells good / feels good even in tough times. LOVE does not wither or die (if its real love). For him LOVE is like an expensive perfume. When you put little amount of it. The entire place smells great. Love lights up everything. Intrument makes MUSIC, MUSIC is never ending.... year after year there is MUSIC different kinds different tune... continuously improving... like LOVE that never ends. Jackets keeps us warm whenever we are cold... LOVE keeps us warm... and no matter how old the jacket is... it will still keep you warm... I guess when he gives me gifts he always know what i need most at the same time he puts meaning into it. Thats why i understood those guys who dont like to give flowers. What do you think?
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@mizrak07 (557)
• Philippines
12 May 07
Well my partner doesn't give me flowers too, and I'm not sure if I understand that or maybe I just got used to the fact that it's not his style. He is more of the practical than the romantic type so for him it seems to me that it's a waste of money to buy flowers which die after a few days. He doesn't tell me that directly, I just observed it's how he feels about it. I don't complain, he gives me (practical) gifts, no romantic meanings. That's how it is with him and that's what I undestand and accept. That is how it is with love you know, accepting the imperfections of each other.