are you an achiever? in what way?

May 12, 2007 12:43am CST
some of us feel that we are a failure especially when we end up getting in trouble for making stupid decisions. however, i think that each of us are achievers in our way. maybe there are just days when we make wrong decisions which leads us to thinking that we are not. what's your say on this?
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@vega83 (6346)
• Bahrain
13 May 07
Well, I don't beat myself up over many things, I like to give myself some room and when I do make wrong decisions or stupid ones, I do feel stupid for a while but then remind myself that if I didn't make mistakes, I wouldn't be human. So I'm not too hard on myself. We all have our own areas of specialties, whether people think that what we do is worthwhile or not. It's all about what you think of as achievement, and what our individual definitions of "success" are. To me, success is being happy in your life, and co-existing peacefully with your family and friends. And I have both, so I believe I am an achiever. But a person who thinks that success is about having a career and a relationship might think that I'm an under-achiever because I'm unemployed and single. But according to me, I'm successful and I am right where I wanna be. So it's all about what we think of ourselves, and what makes each individual the happiest with what they have.