What kind of person muslims are?Are different from us?

@al87exa (720)
May 12, 2007 1:09am CST
I don't want offence, but i am just courious, and i see here a lot of discutions about muslims. Are they different?Because of culture, or because of religion?Or maybe are only peoples like us? As we are not all good i think they are same, dood and bad too. Why peoples make differences between others religion, i am just courious, and i like all peoples from all world. I like have friends all colours, all religions, all countryes.
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@fifi2007 (91)
• Tunisia
12 May 07
the problem exa that the famouse terrorist picture is mixed with all the muslims in the world even people like you that haven't any idea about muslims are influenced by this picture via the media, we are a kind people, I have many no muslims friends and i haven't any problem, but we just defend our selves and our religion in this discussion we can't accept the degradation and all our comment are logic without insults or no respect...thank you
@Harley009 (1420)
• India
12 May 07
We Muslims are human as others, We have faith, prayers and rules and regulations as other religions do. Some people may practice religion, others may not as other religious people.I do have friends in different religions. 'Muslims are terrorists' is the propaganda mainly from west, is roaming around, also there are few Muslim named people doing bad things, in fact these folks are only politics, And then many people say that Islam is terrorism and barbaric. Islam is neither terrorism nor barbaric, it is a wonderful religion, We have holy Quran as the proof, Islam is not only to be done inside mosque, it is a way of life. Islam teaches us to be just to all people regardless to religion. If it is barbaric why the number of people accepting Islam mainly from west is very higher than any other religion countries? Personally I know three people in our state came to the fold of Islam, by understanding it, I know three four people accepted Islam via net, These people were not coming to Islam by any pressure or threatening, Only by their own understanding of Islam. Belief of one person cannot be changed with threatening, it is his own understanding and will. Shake hands for being just to all religions. Cheerios.
@paywise (500)
• Indonesia
12 May 07
Almost the muslim of all the country and all of the world has a difference. They are human being. As the same like the other, they have a good or a bad persons. I said "Its a human being" and its a nature. So, we cannot see the bad or the good action from what they are religion. It's just a habbit of the person.
• United States
12 May 07
Muslims live all over the world in different cultures, there are muslims of all different races and ethnicities, so muslims don't belong to one single culture. Although islam has religous traditions that most muslims follow, I'm pretty sure that, in islam, there is alot of diversity between other muslims. So you could say that all muslims are different from eachother, just like everyone else.