men or women???who is better in kitchen

May 12, 2007 2:36am CST
ok tell me ...who is better in may be cokking or any kitchen it men or women ..who is best?? in wat and how...u can tell from ur personal experince... as a women in india i feel women are better in household kitchen works and cooking....
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• India
12 May 07
according to me.................. mens are better be in kitchen
• Kuwait
12 May 07
for me i think yes men are also but at home women are
• Austria
12 May 07
You can't say women are better of men are better, some women aren't very good in the kitchen, some men aren't good at fixing cars and taking out the trash. As with all things in like there are no absolutes. Some women can cook better than others, same with men. Also a meal that some might love, other wouldn't let pass their lips, so it's all relative.
@applefreak (3131)
• Singapore
12 May 07
i find that gender is not the issue the main thing that differentiates a good cook and a mediocre one is whether they like good food or not i find that people who like good food tend to be good cook too coz they prefer to be able to cook e.g. in the wee hours of the night rather than subject themselve to yucky tasting food also, i find that people who helps their mother in the kitchen when they are young are better cooks as well in certain countries mothers only allow girls in the kitchen so maybe there's a perception that women can cook better :)
• Malaysia
12 May 07
I think men is better in kitchen work , my husband is a chinese cuisine chef, in chinese restaurant most of the chef is men ,because the kitchen utensils are heavy for women, but my husband didn't cook at home.
@lightningMD (5932)
• United States
12 May 07
My husband and I both love to cook. I do it more often since he works and I do daycare from home. I think both males and females can be great in the kitchen.