pattern drafting for garments

July 27, 2006 5:17am CST
i want to know the method of making drafting and layouts plan for indian garments for kids,toddlers and women.
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@pandaeyes (2068)
15 Feb 10
I suppose you could unmake a garment that is old but still in one piece. Then you could lay out the pieces and use them to draw a new pattern on strong paper. I have made paper patterns for western clothes this way. You have to know the method of construction of course because there are no guides with a home made pattern but the way it is deconstructed should help to discover the way it was constructed, the sequence I mean. It is possible that the company who constructed you material rather than give you the un-sewn pieces, wants to keep the pattern layout a secret.
@capirani (1841)
• United States
11 Aug 08
I would love patterns for Indian clothing, but everything we have ever had had to have the person's body strictly measured and the measurements given to a seamstress or tailor for the outfit to be made. I even sent extra fabric along with instructions not to sew it together because I wanted it for a pattern to go by. But it came back sewed together. And none of the clothing actually fit properly once it arrived because the time it took happened at the same time as a growth spurt, so it ended up being wasted money. Had they done what I asked and not sewn the fabric together, I could have made a nice pattern and made adjustments for the sizing. Why don't Indian clothes have patterns that can be purchased to use to make our own clothing like American clothes do?
• Kuwait
5 Aug 08
Hi you can check out Zarapkar System of cutting by navneet publications. it uses flat patterning and has few indian garments like choli salwar kameez etc. i recommend u make a sample and then revise slightly according to liking.