who still smoke

@rubiana6 (270)
May 12, 2007 9:16am CST
nowadays smoking is considered in most countries, especialy USA, as something really ugly. Di you still smoke and why? because you dont get to quit or you still lkike to smoke, no matter how public opinion may be?
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@Cryne28 (74)
• Philippines
15 May 07
i still do and i enjoy it. i know its bad for me. i even got a cyst because of it but when i took a food supplement for 5 dyas it vanished like it was never there. almost all my friends tell me to stop but its already become a habit that i can't stop unless i have a reason thats important to me which i have now. and its not the health thingy i'm worried about but my appearance. because of all the field work and volunteer works i've done in the past months not to mention swimming throughout the day, my skin is not as fair as it is so i plan on using glutathione and one contraindication for that is to stop smoking.
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@abrarr (1246)
• Pakistan
12 May 07
well in pakistan smokin is really thought 2 b an ugly thing 2 do nd parents inspects about their future son-in-laws habbits, whether he smokes or not. but still i smoke about half of B&H pack.
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• China
24 Jun 07
in china ,it's so popular,but never will i do
• United States
23 Jun 07
i smoked for 20 years. until i was 40 years old then i got maried to a women who did not smoke. i quit after five months. it was not easy. but it was easy to quit when you are living with a non smoker. but i used the nicotine gum for ten days and went to the Smoke Enders smoke enders clases. twice .lol.it is not an easy vice to quit. but it was worth it as after almost 21 years of non smoking i am glad my wife made me quit for love. without her i don't think i could have got this monkey of of my back.sory my typing is poor .compter is sticking. lol