What a sudden Surprise or Illusion????

Kottayam, India
May 12, 2007 12:06pm CST
Soon after our marriage my wife & me hand in hand going to have food most of our relatives.Eating different kind of food from many places put us in a bad situation.That we travelling many places, after having s stupendous dinner in one our near relative, we were travelling back to wife's residence, it is such a dark night that we cannot move, the candle which we held has gone out due to the wind that blowed we came to darkest place, and there was a........long tree......we came to near that suddenly golden lights were shining at a strech from top to the bottom, we were freezed, if I was alone defnitely I would fallen flat and I would be in bad condition, finally we were able to reach our home and we still cannot belief what has happened, Wife said don't tell any body.So for mylot people I opening this exclusive story, how about you ? You had such an experience tell me thanks in advance.
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