Do you think that Evie and Carlos ?

May 12, 2007 2:01pm CST
Will ever get together and stay together as a couple and not as just S**g buddies.... I think Carlos should learn to like Evie as they make a great couple :)
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@ifthen (26)
• China
13 May 07
well I don't think so ,I figure that Carlos and Gaby'll get together finally , they love each other in the bottom of their heart but they don't recognize it.and I like them
13 May 07
Thats a great Icon that you have as your avitar :) I would love for them to get back but they are too stubban to get back together :) I think they will have a one night stand though :)
14 May 07
At first I was shocked at Edie getting with Carlos... And it was pretty funny But as we saw a couple of eps back, Carlos still loves Gabrielle. And I am sure she still loves him as she got mad when she found out Edie was with Carlos. Lets hope they get back together next season. I don't trust that Victor... he has begun to show his true colours
@fadamah (163)
• Brazil
14 May 07
I like Carlos and EDie together. I think they make a very nice couple!