Is "Go to Your Room!" really punishment anymore?

United States
May 12, 2007 3:07pm CST
I am childless by choice, but I enjoy reading parent's discussions because of the warmth and caring people give each other. I often see folks suggest sending a kid to their room as part of a response to bad behavior. I used to flashback to my youth and the simple, quiet room where I inevitably fell asleep not long after my banishment. Sometimes, I would sit under the covers with my flashlight to read, but mostly, being sent to my room meant an early bedtime from sheer boredom. Imagine my surprise when I went to a friend's to help her get ready to move, and walked in to her six year old daughter's room for the first time - TV, DVD/VCR dual deck, boombox, you name it! There was even something called a Barbie laptop that can actually access the Internet! It was like the ultimate Orwellian coccoon. My friend says her girl's not allowed to use these things when she's on punishment. Yeah, right... I wasn't allowed to read, either, but I certainly did! Plug in some headphones, put a blanket at the bottom of the door, and away you go. So, I was wondering, is this really punishment?