Looking For A Job?

May 12, 2007 3:55pm CST
Nowadays, it's hard to look for jobs over the internet. I mean it took me quite some time to weed out the legitimate job offers from the scams. I admit, some of the offers were too good to be true. I was really tempted by the offers. But none the less a scam is easy to spot. How? First, scams usually ask you to pay a certain amount to cover for the training and placement fee. Yadah yadah yadah. This doesn't pertain to all sites though. Some legitimate data entry jobs really do ask for fees.(Be very careful with money transactions please.) The second way to determine a scam is when the job offer is too good to be true. Example, I just got a reply from this certain employer stating the description of his job offer. The offer was catchy. It just required me to transfer funds that were to be sent to me. I get ten percent of it as pay. But the thought of my employers trusting me too much was scary. How could they entrust someone they don't know with a large amount of money? So i just decided to delete the email and not consider the job. Now for those who are looking for employment online, please send me your resume and I'll find the perfect match for you. AngelaJ@surejobshire.com Thanks!
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