My Introduction to Ebay

@golfproo (1841)
May 12, 2007 4:53pm CST
Hi everyone, I am somebody who has a lot of hobbies. Most of them have to do with the world of computers and the Internet. From trading on-line, blogging, writing articles...the list goes on. However, the hobby which I have found very lucrative, at virtually no overhead cost, is Ebay. I would like to give you an introduction and a taste to what I have found. If people are interested, I will follow it up with a step by step guide to using Ebay and profiting from it big time. I must admit, when I started with Ebay I thought it was going to be too much trouble for too little gain. Boy was I wrong. In the first 6 months I made over $200 a week...every week! That is $4800 with virtually no overhead. All my inventory at first was from cleaning out stuff I was going to get rid of, and having my relatives do the same. I was providing a service to them by ridding them of their junk, and then I turned around and sold it for profits. Hence the no overhead. I sold antique sewing machines, comics, currency, decoratives, dolls, books, sporting goods, automobile parts etc... the list goes on. Even the shipping of the goods was covered as that is always incorporated into the final price. Very lucrative and user friendly. Even when my inventory started to run down, I just started to visit yard sales, rummage sales, auctions, on-line exchanges etc... and always buy low and sell high. I really do enjoy using ebay, my only problem with it is that it is beginning to take on a life of its own. I am well known on ebay now so my business is almost too steady. I end up spending a ton of time doing it which does not always leave time for other things. Anyways, I have many tips to share, from building a client base, finding inventory, reducing shipping costs, getting set up etc... I will start to post some discussions on these various aspects if people are genuinely interested. I will also be covering ebay, as well as a variety of other issues on my blog site if you wish to check them out.
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@yanjiaren (9050)
27 May 07
You are a very clever person and I amm so surprized out of 90,000 Mylotters, no one has of yet resonded to this discussion lol. This is very interesting. I used to go to car boots and sell old junk but I never knew we could sell it on Ebay. Thanks for the tip and I think I am going to ask some friends who sell stuff on Ebay who to set up a selling account. I have a buyers one. I will check out your blog. This is my strong pint, private investments. I have been doing online investing for three years so decided to set up my own investment club to help others with little capital to make money..while I take all the risk.