have you ever taken an innocent life?how did you feel after this ...

birds - birds are given wings so they could fly,we must not cage them.
@sera21 (31)
May 12, 2007 6:33pm CST
in my childhood playing with my siblings i would often try to trap birds.then we would just let them fly after touching and playing with them. once we locked a finch in our bedroom and managed to bring it down from the ceiling fan where it was trying to hide.my big brother handed the the bird wrapped in the towel to me and asked me to catch it hard as to not let it flee like the last time.to prove my efficiency i grabbed the poor bird in the towel so hard it stopped struggling all at once..i found it calm in my hand..so soft..feathery..warm and dead.never after that i caught any bird.i still feel the pangs of pain and guilt after all these years.wishing i were not involved in such a cruel play.have you ever taken an innocent life ..even by a mistake or accident?how did you feel afterward?what did you do?how did you make amends?
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