Do you have a good Memory???

United States
May 12, 2007 7:11pm CST
Or do you tend to forget things quite easily? Some people are better at remembering names, others at remembering things like dates. Which do you remember better? Are you good at remembering birthdays? I am not so good at remembering names, but as far as dates and birthdays I rarely forget, I will atleast remember the month.
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@mohit1123 (564)
• India
13 May 07
Yes i usually forget things too easily. example:Yesterday my mom asked me to get something from the market she wrote it on a piece of paper. ok great i went to the shop. Guess what happen. I forgot that paper forget about remembering all the items in there i did forget just one think. Now you comment how bad my memory is?
@k1tten (2321)
• United States
13 May 07
Well, I have a pretty bad memory if I don't commit to remembering what I need to. I can't remember names and faces well.
@munhozmib (3856)
• Sao Paulo, Brazil
13 May 07
It depends. I always remember things when I have to. I don't forget them if I need them. For example, I can remember the things I studied for the tests quite easily. Never had any problem relating that. But I don't know what I am good or bad at memorizing. It's like I said: I can always memorize one thing if I need it.