What you love, and what you hate on brazil?

May 12, 2007 8:45pm CST
i love the people, i hate the violence and corruption
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@Adamdog (254)
• United States
21 May 07
Well, I haven't lived in Brazil, but I have family there and they told me what it is like, also I have watched a lot of films on discovery channel for Brazil :) Maybe the best thing about Brazil is its football, the Brazil national team is the best in the world with 4 World Cup titles. Last year they also won the World Cup title in Volleyball. From what I have seen, the carnival in Rio de Janeiro each year is absolutely magnificent! Well I haven't heard about the crime in Brazil, but since you say it is bad, I am going to believe you. I was going to say that the worst thing is that a lot of days in the year it rains constantly, heavy downpours. Cheers :)
@lucgeta (925)
• France
21 May 07
I hate to correct people but there are actually 5 World Cup titles, 58, 62, 70, 94, 06. And 2 Volleyball World Cup in 2003 and 07. Cheers man.
• Brazil
21 May 07
For his/her Brazilian I love everything in that parents, more the Violence this worrying every more day.Mainly in Rio de Janeiro, it is a feather a wonderful place with his/her Redeeming cristo.More master everything in Brazil,my master Homeland.
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• Brazil
19 May 07
I hate the violence but love the beautiful nature that our Brazil have
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@laridbz (1287)
• China
15 May 07
Well, there are tons of things I love/hate, but I'll be short. I love the fact that we're such a happy people, even with all the problems we have. I hate our "Brazilian way". People around here are always trying to exploit each other.
@tatutino (107)
• Brazil
25 Nov 09
I HATE FUTBOLL because everybody thinks that is the only thing we do I JUST HATE IT! we are a nice kind of people, intelligent, criative and happy, and i Love São Paulo!
@mopiss (154)
• Bosnia And Herzegovina
2 Jun 08
Loves: - 50% of people; - nature; - roads; - beachs; - women. Hates: - 50% of people; - violence; - music; - corruption; - taxes.
@Abbath00 (45)
• Brazil
29 Jun 07
I love my girlfriend and my femaly. I hate the violence and corruption too.
@eadward (140)
• Brazil
20 Jun 07
I love the food, nature and geography. I hate the people and the climate of most o the country.
@brenokun (46)
• Brazil
15 Jun 07
i love football =D this sport makes me love Brasil. other things that i love is the people, we are a very friendly country. but i hate the violence and our politcs -.-
• India
12 Jun 07
with the little knowledge i have about Brazil, i can say that i love the people there as they ar very lively.... then who would not associate Brazil with football.... i love all the football players of Brazil.... i got nervous when Brazil was out of the world cup football...... i am sure it will be the world cup winner the next time. then i love the carnivals of brazil, which are very famous.
• Brazil
11 Jun 07
yeah at brazil we have nice nature but have a lot of violence but wehave more good things of bad things xD
@stvasile (7317)
• Romania
9 Jun 07
I love the superb football your national team and your players exhibit all the time. I also love the way Brazilian women look, gorgeous! I like the landscapes and the fact that Brazil still has a large area of pure wilderness. The fact that I hate the most is that people in Brazil are destroying more and more of that wilderness... At least, this is how I see things.
@scribex (22)
• Brazil
21 May 07
I love the nature and the beachs. I hate the violence and the corruption
@lucgeta (925)
• France
21 May 07
For me the best thing is the creativity and adaptability of the people, we are very good on that and envied by many people, admired by many many others. In every profession this can be seen not only in sports and music but also in engineering and sciences. The worst thing is people taking advantage of each other in a measure that has no comparison to other countries that I've been. This disrespect of human rights is that kills :( Corruption and crime are more or less the same as in any other country that I know of.