Bach's Flowers..They works! Made me heal from my anxiety..really!

@valina01 (123)
May 12, 2007 10:47pm CST
Hi everybody..! I had anxiety and panick attacks in the past..I tried many kind of things to be better (but never medicines..I was scared to be adicted to them then) day, a friend of mines told me to take the Bach's Flowers..and I really really feel much better! Say more, I'm healed! I know that it seems crazy..but it's so true..unbelievable! The bach's flowers are 38 kind of flowers..everyone for a different use..there is the flower for the shy person..the one for who is afraid of all, the one for who don't look at the things with positivity..etc etc. U can take one of them or mix 4..5 of them and take em all together.. and most important thing..they dont got collater effect..they don't give any bad effects really! someone ever took them?
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@magica (3710)
• Bulgaria
13 May 07
Hello, i am interested in aromatherapy and before it i was interested to see if the Bach`s remedies are suitable for me.May be they are, but unfortunatelly they are too expensive for my pocket. I prefer to experiment with essential oils, they are almost the same. Wellcome to MyLot:-)
@valina01 (123)
• Italy
13 May 07
HI! Thank you very much.. Well..I thought too they was expensive..but then i bought a lil costed 14 euro (almost 15 dollars) and it last for long..more then one month.. and I assure you that the change you do with real..they stimulate your soul.. and none aromatherapy could do the same..and trust not the all.. :))