How Women become Fools over Men?

May 12, 2007 11:02pm CST
Once you start down the slippery path of hoping, excusing & believing, you lose sight of simple truth that a relationship should bring you joy. If your relationship is generating misery, if ythe partner you are with the leaves you feeling sad, desparate or rejected, then it is bad relationship.
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• Malaysia
13 May 07
hmm..maybe because some women who are tapped in this kind of relationship tries to hang on to she's hoping for the guy to eventually change his attitude, or waiting for some kind of miracle to happen..or maybe she just don't wanna be alone or love the guy too much despite the unhappy relationship that they have. i guess we women have to know that although we do need men in our lives (do we? haha) but if it's an unhappy relationship, we should get out of it. there are lots of other guys who are much better out there (i hope so!) ^_^
@Norstar (695)
• India
13 May 07
It is very true that two people come together for enhancing the quality of life, for having more joy and for feeling better in many a ways. In many a relationships, it happens other way. This defeats the very purpose for which the two people came together. Unfortunately, bad relationship often continues, which leads to further miseries.