Is God Really In Control?

@Rozie37 (15499)
May 12, 2007 11:58pm CST
I believe that he is and I believe that most Christains believe tha he is, but when it comes to a lot of the things that we say and do, it isn't always obvious. I am not talking about sin or disobedience or anything like that. Let me give you an example of what I am trying to say, I am over-weight and everyone has a solution or an opinion or both about it. Now, while I am not really happy with being this way, I am content to stay this way until God intervenes. We always want to say, put it in the Lord's hands and trust God to bring you through, but when it comes to things like losing weight, we say, you got to do this and stop doing that and drink this and sniff that and wear this and do go here and then go there and jump through this hoop and not that one and my sister had the same problem and she did this and you should try it and if only you could run and not walk so slow and eat so much and sit so long and cry so much and be so depressed and let yourself go. The truth of the matter is, no matter how you look, where you live, what you do, how you act, God is still on the throne and still in control, so give it to him and leave it alone. Trust and obey, the only way to be happy in Jesus.
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@Shaun72 (15968)
• Palatka, Florida
13 May 07
ah God is there but so is satan. I mean the world is full of both good and evil we have to follow what we think is best. I get the same thing about weight. I have been a constant strugler with my weight myself. I have lost it before from not eating a lot of starchy foods but now that I have went back to eating starchy foods and drinking to much soda it is a lot easier said then done to go back to getting away from it. Belive me I understand.
@Rozie37 (15499)
• Turkmenistan
14 May 07
I want to lose weight, like I said, but I really don't feel bad about the way that I am. God has a purpose in every thing that happens in my life, not satan. If you read the book of Job, you will find that the devil had to get permission from God to get anywhere near Job.
@Rohit20 (327)
• India
14 May 07
yes ,he is in control in term how simple you are.How much you care about others.what is your degree of sacrifice? Do good to others by leaving every thing in his hands makes him in control!
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