@dasman (262)
May 13, 2007 1:51am CST
ok so most people on the internet do not like hackers whatsoever, what do you think of them and did you know that there is a difference between a hacker and a cracker. a hacker can be your best friend on the internet it terms of web security but a cracker is the one which give the hackers a bad name by doing malicious activties in the internet. i am just wondering if there are anyone that are hackers on mylot and what you do to make yourself a hacker.. thanks
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@aniez0906 (264)
• Indonesia
14 May 07
hackers? I DON"T understand about it. give me more information about it... what i have to do to make my self hackers? i don't understand...
• United States
14 May 07
You are right, a true hacker is a person that sits down at a keyboard and hammers on the keys until they figure out how a program works or they make a program perform in a way it was not primarily built for. In my experience, the best way to do it is to download a bunch of file system utilities from sysinternals.com They have a bunch of free utilities, like file monitors and registry monitors that will show you what is being accessed when a program runs. I use the utilities on that website daily for my line of work. Another useful site is to go to www.cygwin.com They have a bunch of linux tools that have been converted to run on a Windows platform. These tools include tail which is used for monitoring text files that can not be opened because they are too large or are in use and give you the ability to see the contents of the file as they are changing. Other than that, you just need a lot of time, and a lot of patience.
@Loliroy (173)
• Brazil
13 May 07
I'm not used with those terms so sorry if I'm making a mistake here. I don't like everithing that can cause some damage in other people. I got my PC Hacked once and made a huge damage in my life. That hacker stole some confidential things that now I keep only in paper. I support only the hackers that study to prevent us of others hackers.