cheat or not to cheat

May 13, 2007 1:52am CST
You are taking examination when you see your very close friend who is like a sister/brother to you.She was very sad because of the death of her mother that week and for sure she is not feeling good and didn't study her lesson.It's in the situation that it's her last chance to take final exam because she got sick during your the final exam day.So she must take the exam for her last chance and it's also your second chance to take exam.But you are prepared and study hard not like your friend she didn't study her lesson.You felt your friends pain and you don't want her to fail in the final.You have answers in your paper.Would you help your friend and give your answer to her or not?Cheat ot not to cheat because of mercy.
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@happymom1 (1179)
• United States
15 May 07
Its better to fail than to cheat. I dont like to help in a cheating way. I will help her by asking the teacher another chance i know by doing this the teacher can understand the situation.
@laiyongjun (1337)
• China
13 May 07
i don't want to help my friend in this way. cheating is a runaround,the action of craven. cheating is quite different from the other things. we should not connect the cheating with the other fact, something happen to your friend is sympathized before the final exam. but we should understand that everything have his rule. if you take part in the exam , you must comply wiht the exam rules;if you cross the street,you must abide the street rules;if....... on the other hand, suppose your friend pass the exam by your help. can you guarantee whether your friend will be not cheating next time? if your classmate find what you have do for your friend, how about their feeling? therefore, cheating is not cheat yourself, is unfair to others, and also is a shame. trying to make your friend realize and face the reality. this is my opinion. thank you very much.
• India
13 May 07
I would surely give my answer paper to her. i think that it is not the case of cheating here.its the time for showing what friendship is.