you were once mistaken for???

May 13, 2007 2:46am CST
we all have our look alikes, and sometimes, we are blessed to have some similarities with some celebrities. who were you mistaken for sometimes? me, i was once mistaken to be someone who is a national actress in our country. it was a bit flattering. :) what about you? ever been mistaken for someone else, a celebrity?
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• India
13 May 07
Of course not sometimes always we will be having the similarities with not only celebrities but also with our colleagues There is nothing like flattering and else Simple reason is "Hindu and Indian Mythologies says there are only 64 different arts" Every man is blessed with min, few, some ,and max arts from them only. Great persons having max potentiality of some art So, possibilities are max for similarities But possibilities are min for identically equality Thank you