importance of horoscope in indian marriages

May 13, 2007 4:22am CST
In india we give a lot of preference to horoscopes , even if a gal and a guy is in love , their family members most of the times like to match the horoscopes. I agree it has powers , we can come to know about a lot of things in advance. But why do we give it more preference than our relations , i mean if we love some one, we trust somebody and we want to get married , then why is the need of a horoscope. Its just like we are saying we dont trust that person , we want to judge his or her attitude by stars. ITS SAID "LOVE GETS LOVE " , then why dont we give a chance to people , why do we give a chance to stars. Its not only about marriage people want to know while starting a new business, going for a big deal , getting a new house , buying a property. Im not against it but still we have to be broad in our thinking.
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