The most valuable thing in life is process!

@fdwjay (340)
May 13, 2007 4:29am CST
The most valuable thing in life is process, not gain, not the momentary result.You succeed,or you fail, all because of what you have experienced. Even if you have never worked hard,never paid out, even never think about it,then you are doomed to fail,But at least you are good lesson to others.If you are successful, then everything happened achieved yourself. For all that has happened, you must have strived,taken sense, and paid, so at last you could taste the fruit of success, and others also could share this taste.The consequence for the first kind is that he can fails once,the only one and most thorough one,so he eases for all his life.For the result for second type is failiure one after another. Perhaps there is still leftover smells of sweet, he have to take another challenge,he suffers greatly, so no matter what it will end with, he will stand higher, and see further. you are regarded as richness because of the experiences accumulated from what you have experienced, neither temporary nothingness, nor misty which can't be brought birthly or deadly.
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