Depressed becacuse of the job!

@fdwjay (340)
May 13, 2007 5:11am CST
Today talked with the boss! At first we just discussed how to proceed the case we are dealing with. He said u must do the water heater market study. Not only the domestic but also the US market. Know the style; the brands; the market share; consumer purchasing behaviour; the industry trend etc. And then do a presentation to the client based on the analysis of the data I have got. Only much more knowledge you command can you have the confidence to persuade the client. I should say he is quite right. But you know, I lose my patience today. Several days ago, I said i was depressed and want to leave. So now how can i concentrate myself on the topic and contribute my passion on the work? So when he was talking, I just keep silence. Maybe he was aware of my unhappiness, and asked me why? I told him my complaints: I am under high working pressure; too many messy things such as accounting, notarization I should do; so many presentation i should do; so many article i should translate; so many mails i should process to liaise with the principals; and i should bear your unpredictable change; criticize is always much more than positive attitude...... I just have limited time, cannot u be a little kind to me? During this period, tears pulling out and cannot control. I am so sad! He said he always think he is kind to me, but maybe he is wrong and will pay attention to later on. And in Sep, he would like to do a career plan for me. And maybe he will recruit some more persons thus I can adjust my position. What's my feedback? Can I say I just want to resign my postion whatever you said? He seems so kind at the moment! What's the next step? Leave or stay? OK, be happy now, don’t talk these unhappy things again! God works!
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