needs and wants

@taheraa (1547)
Giza, Egypt
May 13, 2007 8:00am CST
What you need, what you want? are there should be considered to acheave happiness Please give your opinion about that
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@Norstar (695)
• India
17 May 07
Needs are somethings that are essential for our survival. Some of the needs are as follows: (a) Basic needs: Food, clothes, shelter, (b) Desirable needs: Companion, education, jobs/ income, PC with fast internet connection, (c) Advance needs: Vehicle, TV, Washing Machine, Mobile,' (d) More needs: Outings, liquors, personal yatch, (e) Even more needs: Personal aircraft, Owning an iseland, .... Wants are those things that we feel would help us in being happy but they need not be basic needs or essential needs. There can be no end to needs and wants! One can be happy with the philosophy of simple living and simple thinking; others may not be happy even if they have all the things in the world. So, it is subjective.
@taheraa (1547)
• Giza, Egypt
21 May 07
Thanks, for your clarification. but in my opinion that if any body give him self the wide area for thinking about their needs and wants, so there are no limit. People shoult get them self a fairly area to acheave their needs and wants, and get satisfy with these acheavements. The most important thing for that acheavement are the satisfaction whech lead to the happiness for those people as will as the happiness for the others.