mosquitos... how to get rid of them?

May 13, 2007 9:37am CST
i hate mosquitos. i felt that they are more attracted to me than others. They bite me. It is itchy. it makes my skin look ugly. i have tried spraying mosquito repellant inside the house but i hate the smell. I have tried citronella but the mosquito goes back after the smell went out. What are your best way to get rid of mosquitos inside your home? When outside how do you protect yourself from mosquito bites? i know of lotions but i am not comfortable with it because it is greasy. do share
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• United States
13 May 07
If you're not opposed to using chemicals, there is a product called "Mosquito Beater" that you sprinkle evenly in your yard. It is the best thing I have used. It is a powder that comes in a tall spherical container, much like flea powder. Another thing you can do is make sure there is no standing water outside your home where mosquitos hatch. Inside, the only way to get rid of them effectively is to kill them as you find them, but ending the problem of them being in the area surrounding your house outdoors is a big step toward reducing the number that come indoors. Here in Michigan, the county officials go around and spray areas on occasion to kill mosquitos.
• Philippines
14 May 07
I haven't heard of that product in my country. I will searched in the net so i will see if it is available in my country. The local government in my area usually do defogging especially in areas where there is a reported dengue incident. But the problem with defogging is that mosquitos comes back after a while. Thanks for posting